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#2 Declined

Add ".last_updated" targets to doxygen output directories,

  1. Eric Anderson

Gives SCons a "real" target with a timestamp and contents for each Doxygen output directory. Means that SCons can detect that doxygen output is out-of-date after the first run.

Comments (10)

  1. Russel Winder repo owner


    I failed to do anything with this pull request a year ago, is it still relevant today? I suspect "of course".

    The issue is that there is a 18 month old pull request from Dirk which I should deal with first. Can I get you to check to see if there is any interaction between Dirk's pull request 1 and your pull request 2?



  2. Russel Winder repo owner

    OK, I have applied what I think is an effective backout. I can't just do a backout easily since other change I made make it easier to apply a new changeset directly. It would be great if you could try things out and see that I haven't messed things up.

    1. Russel Winder repo owner

      Sorry Richard, I am trying to do too many little things in a bug hurry to make room for doing work on an elephant task, well that's my excuse anyway. I'll have to leave the commit comment as is as this is Mercurial, whereas with Git I could hack it. Thanks for chipping in though, things like this don't progress without a group of people's inputs. It only remains for me to apologise again to Dirk and Eric for failing to handle their pull requests last year.

    1. Russel Winder repo owner

      Thanks for taking time to chip in. Apologies for leaving your, and Dirk's, pull requests to languish unattended. I think we have something that works as a basis for continued work. I doubt I will be making direct contributions as I will not be working with C++ in the foreseeable future, all the languages I will be using have documentation systems of their own.