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This repository holds a package that is a SCons tool for working with Erlang code.

This tool provides the Erlang and EDoc builders:

  • Erlang is used to compile Erlang source to create the beam files.
  • EDoc is used to create the documentation generated from the source code.

For example:

environment = Environment ( tools = [ 'erlang' ] )
environment.Erlang ( 'example.erl' )


There are many ways of installing this depending on the use case. Rather than explain here (and replicate in every tool README), the material is on the ToolsIndex page of the SCons website.


The original material for this tool was obtained from -- but this page appears to be no longer available. The material has subsequently moved to a Git repostory at This though has not been updated since 2007-01-28 and the README indicates that development is via a Darcs repsoitory at, but that repository seems not to exist as reported.


The original material was licenced under GPLv2. This fork is licenced under GPLv3 as is permitted by the GPL rules.

Recent activity

Russel Winder

Commits by Russel Winder were pushed to russel/SCons_Erlang

3d3361c - Assume that LIBPATH is for C compilations and change the name of the Erlang library path key in the environment so as to avoid cross ...
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