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This is a package that is a SCons tool for processing Python documentation Sphinx.

Inspiration from Glenn Hutchings' template SConstruct.


Currently this tool is at a very early stage so there is no release. In order to use this you will have to take a clone of the Mercurial repository. There are many ways of organizing things, probably the easiest is to create the directory:


(this works for Posix compliant systems, for Windows replace with the path that works.)

Change directory to this directory and then:

hg clone sphinx

The sphinx tool will then be avilable for all your SCons projects.


Currently only the HTML builder exists. For example:

environment = Environment ( tools = [ 'sphinx' ] )
environment.HTML ( )

this assumes all the reStructured Text files are in the directory source and that all the HTML files should be created in build. To change these set the source and target keyword parameters to the HTML builder. So for example:

environment = Environment ( tools = [ 'sphinx' ] )
environment.HTML ( source = 'rst' , target = 'docs' )

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