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Notes for Sphinx Tool Developers

Development is to be done in TDD fashion. This is not a request, it is a demand!


Actually, the way the test regime is set up, this is more BDD as much as TDD. Tests are partitioned as unit tests (of which there are actually very few), and system tests (which is where the main focus is). An individual system test is a self contained project with a SConstruct driven by a SCons test.

+ project
|    + Sconstruct
|    |

The name of the directory should be a description of what the test does.

The can use all the features available fromt he SCons testing framework.

See the current tests for further ideas.


In order to run tests you need to have Dirk Baechle's SCons tool test framework. This is a Bazaar branch held on Launchpad. First get a branch:

bzr branch 

To run all the Sphinx tool tests from the top level of the Sphinx tool hierarchy:

python <path-to-scons-test-framework>/ -s test