ValaProgram('target', files) does not create an executable 'target'

Russel Winder avatarRussel Winder created an issue

env.ValaProgram('target', files) does not make an executable named 'target', because it does not pass 'target' to valac's --output parameter. This is due to the fact that baseCommandString does not include the --output or -o parameter. I have attached a fixed version of the script (hopefully not breaking anything). Bonus: It also fixes scons -c (previously it didn't remove the compiled executable).

See original report by Filip Lamparski at

Comments (3)

  1. Filip Lamparski

    Actually, I think that specifying both the directory and the output file seems a bit redundant, and may even cause some problems. You should probably just get rid of -d altogether.

  2. Russel Winder

    SCons is always happier knowing about each file, especially to do the -c clean-up. I guess I was in Java tool thinking when putting the Vala command line together, put the -d and didn't think things through. Definitely need some tests though, I'll try and put a couple together.

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