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-Do you can draw your development?
+Can you draw your development?
-Do you can view the behaviour of your application in real time?
+Can you view the behaviour of your application in real time?
-This framework can!.
+With this framework you can!.
 GinsFSM is a python library to develop systems based in finite-state machines
 The interface is simple and common to all objects; you just have to change the
 name of the event and the data they carry.
+It includes a full asynchronous http server and wsgi server.
+The wsgi server is inspired in `Tornado <http://www.tornadoweb.org/>`_
+and `Waitress <http://docs.pylonsproject.org/projects/waitress>`_ projects
+and using the best of both.
+You can run multiple wsgi applications.
+Ginsfsm comes with a variety of scaffolds
+that you can use to generate a project.
+Like `Pyramid <http://www.pylonsproject.org/>`_ framework pcreate/pserve commands,
+Ginsfsm provides the gcreate/gserve commands,
+to create and run ginsfsm projects.
+With gcreate command you can create a ginsfsm project.
+For example, with multi_pyramid_wsgi scaffold,
+you will create a multiple wsgi application project,
+one of wsgi application being a `Pyramid <http://www.pylonsproject.org/>`_
+wsgi application.
+The GObj's objects are Pyramid "location-aware" resources.
+Also, the gobj's are a hierarchical tree,
+also therefore the use of traversal dispatching are all natural.
+And a new feature is that the views and resources are defined in the same file.
+If you want of course!
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