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Processing Sketches

This is a repo of all of my processing sketches. Because I believe in sharing and open access to code, I'm making these available.

The directory layout is as follows:

  • experiments - small experiments that are used to understand concepts
  • installations - installations that are or have been on display in a gallery
  • printworks - systems used to generate print work, most of the time they output pdfs
  • misc - anything that doesn't quite fit.

Current Release


Change List

  • trapeze1 - released

Recent activity

Russell Hay

Russell Hay pushed 4 commits to russellhay/processing-sketches

6a518a9 - Scons is basically working. Jar generation still isn't, so you have to run from the out directory for now or use the script
386240e - All libraries into a single jar
2ff2bab - Moving things around and removing last of ant build
3b205fd - Removing ant builds that weren't working anyway
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