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+- fix byte mode compilation
+- get working install script
+- as_actor should return actor object rather than 'actor obj
 - ml pack clutter ?
 - ClutterScore
 - ClutterScript
 - get GError exceptions happening
 - wrap up CairoBox and coglBox properly
-- debug/get working opengl wrapper
 - get some kind of automatic event conversion working and get types straight
 - ? copy_int32 ? used in clutter_event_get_time
 - update make_val_final for clutter/cogl i.e. remove /2.0/
-- create actor-based class suitable for inheritance
-- create container-based class for inheritance
 - put guards around all header files
 - remove extraneous headers when possible
 - find best to inline c-macro conversions
    - are regular clutter objects deref'ed properly
    - are properly objects ref'ed and deref'ed properly
    - what about cogl textures... ver important!
-- implement struct types for points, colors, vertices, knots
-  - or not... decide on best model in each case
 - figure out why I have all these pango errors
 - inherit container interface methods
-- switch to more vanilla ocaml makefile
-   - probably just copy the one from lablgtk2
-   - will generate/clean auto-generated files
+*** P5 *** 
 - way to autogenerate struct code and classes
 - autogenerate property testing
 - replace with shared GTK code, types, modules when possible
    - or not... how should this be packaged?
-- figure out if we need any of the routines in wrappers.c
 - get glbox actor working
  - X11 backend on mac
  - fullscreen mode
  - tests crashing/status
  - intent of the cogl api: i.e. clutterfixed vs clutter units; bindings
- - direct usage of opengl calls