clutter-ocaml / TODO

Full commit

- as_actor should return actor object rather than 'actor obj
- actor obj comparison on c side
- binary object operation for comparison

- errors when texture file is not found
- ClutterScore
- ClutterScript
- get GError exceptions happening
- wrap up CairoBox and coglBox properly
- get some kind of automatic event conversion working and get types straight
- ? copy_int32 ? used in clutter_event_get_time
- update make_val_final for clutter/cogl i.e. remove /2.0/
- put guards around all header files
- remove extraneous headers when possible
- find best to inline c-macro conversions
  - 1. translate macros into OCAML in every module
       might want an #include_inline directive
- check out the "Make_Val_final_pointer" ---> what is that all about
- make usage of ClutterFixed type-safe... i.e. distinguish from int
- finish remake of type signatures to ClutterUnits or ClutterFixed
  - mostly just in ClutterActor
- things which return clutterfixed... do they need to convert? or just pass through value?
- ensure that we are OK with using Val_int for the ClutterUnit which are guint32
   - are cairo actor deallocated properly?
   - are the malloc'ed structs being dallocated
   - alpha callback in ClutterEffects
   - are regular clutter objects deref'ed properly
   - are properly objects ref'ed and deref'ed properly
   - what about cogl textures... ver important!
- figure out why I have all these pango errors
- inherit container interface methods

*** P5 *** 

- way to autogenerate struct code and classes
- autogenerate property testing
- replace with shared GTK code, types, modules when possible
   - or not... how should this be packaged?
- get glbox actor working

 - X11 backend on mac
 - fullscreen mode
 - tests crashing/status
 - intent of the cogl api: i.e. clutterfixed vs clutter units; bindings