clutter-ocaml / src /

open OclutterProps
open ClutterProps
open Clutter

class group_skel (obj:group obj) = object (self)
  inherit actor_props
  inherit ClutterContainer.container_skel (as_container obj)
  inherit ['a] ClutterActor.actor_skel (as_actor obj)
  method private obj : group Clutter.obj = obj
  (*method add_many : 'a. (#ClutterActor.actor_o as 'a) array -> unit =
    fun items ->
      Group.add_many obj ( (fun x -> x#as_actor) items)*)
  method add_many : [> `actor] obj array -> unit = Group.add_many obj

class group_signals_impl obj = object
  inherit ['a] gobject_signals obj
  inherit group_sigs
  inherit actor_sigs

class type group_sigals = group_signals_impl
class group obj = object
  inherit group_skel (obj : [> `group] Clutter.obj)
  method connect = new group_signals_impl obj

let create ?(actors=[]) () =
  let obj = Group.create [] in
  let g = new group obj in
  List.iter g#add_actor actors;
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