Usage Notes

This script can be used to do a migration from an arbitrary SVN repository into a local Mercurial repository. Usage is simply as follows:

> ./ pathToRemoteSvn

There are several requirements:

  • A SVN distribution installed and available on your PATH
  • A Mercurial distribution installed and available on your PATH
  • Mercurial Convert extension enabled in your global hgrc/Mercurial.ini file

This last is the most tricky and will lead to strange errors if not completed.

Enabling the convert extension

To enable the convert extension just add the following in the appropriate file:


If you already have an extensions section just add the convert= line to it.


On Windows you can find your Mercurial.ini file under C:\Users\username\ (path may vary by Windows installation and version) e.g. C:\Users\username\Mercurial.ini

Linux/Unix/OS X

On *nix platforms you should find/create a .hgrc file in your user root directory i.e. ~/.hgrc