VDS.Common is a lightweight, dependency-free library of useful advanced data structures such as Trees, Tries and indexing tailored dictionaries.

It is based on code originally from in the dotNetRDF Project (see past code history here and here) but was split off into a separate library once it became sufficiently generic to be more broadly useful.

VDS.Common is built for a variety of .Net versions and profiles, currently we have builds for the following:

  • .Net 3.5 Full/Client Profile
  • .Net 4.0 Full/Client Profile
  • Portable Class Library Profile 328


VDS.Common is licensed under the MIT License

Usage and Documentation

To use VDS.Common simply add a reference to the DLL for the appropriate .Net version to your project. If you are using NuGet simply search for VDS.Common and install it that way.

For documentation on the features this library provides please see the Wiki.

Build Status

Build status


VDS.Common is developed primarily Rob Vesse with some contributions from Kal Ahmed and Mike Davies