Gary Kramlich  committed 3696852

update the admin stuff to the 0.11 api

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File trac/buildbot/tracbuildbot/

 from trac.core import *
-from webadmin.web_ui import IAdminPageProvider
+from webadmin.web_ui import IAdminPanelProvider
 class TracBuildbotManager(component):
-    implements(IAdminPageProvider)
+    implements(IAdminPanelProvider)
-    def get_admin_pages(self, req):
+    def get_admin_panels(self, req):
         if req.perm.has_permission('BUILDBOT_ADMIN'):
-            yield('buildbot', 'Buildbot', 'general', 'General')
+            yield('buildbot', 'Buildbot', 'bot', 'Buildbot')
-    def process_admin_request(self, req, category, page, path_info):
+    def render_admin_panel(self, req, category, page, path_info):