Notification shows protocol icon instead of buddy icon.

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I've checked the theme settings for the theme I'm using, and it's set to display the buddy icon as the big picture, but it shows the protocol icon instead.

Windows 8. If there's any other relevant information you need from me, please ask; I don't do tech-y stuff often, so I don't know what else I should be providing.

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  1. Gary Kramlich repo owner

    Does this happen with every buddy or just a few?

    Also, this is going to take some time for me to get a test environment up, i'm pidgin3 only and gf2 doesn't compile there yet (like at all..)

  2. Gary Kramlich repo owner

    Can you provide the theme (link or xml is fine too) and maybe a screen shot? Like I said, going to be awhile before I can actually get pidgin2 up and running :-/

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