1. Introduction

This folder contains the code to reproduce the numerical results reported in:

``Super-resolution MIMO radar'', by R. Heckel

Specifically, the folder contains code to reproduce Figures 2 and 3 by running the corresponding instructions. For example, make fig3 will run the code to generate the data for Figure 3, stores the data in the ./dat folder, and generates the file ./tex/figure3_cmp_IAA.pdf containing the figure.

2. Requirements

Running the code requires installations of Python, Make, and Pdflatex.

The code is written in Python. To solve the corresponding l_1-regularized least-squares problem, we use the SPGL1 solver, described in:

E. van den Berg and M. P. Friedlander, "Probing the Pareto frontier for basis pursuit solutions", SIAM J. on Scientific Computing, 31(2):890-912, 2008.

The SPGL1 solver can be obtained from: git clone

3. Quick start

  • Obtain the SPGL1 solver by running the following command in a shell: git clone
  • Run:
    • make fig2 # to generate Figure 2
    • make fig3 # to generate Figure 3

4. Licence

All files are provided under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0, see the included file "apache_licence_20" for details.