configure-hgrc 1.0
by Peter Hosey

configure-hgrc is a simple utility that makes it easy for you to set up Mercurial with the most useful extensions turned on and Mercurial configured as necessary (e.g., with your name filled in).

## Requirements

First, you probably should install Mercurial.

Next, if you're on a Mac, you should install Jonathan Wight's hgkeychain extension:

If you don't want to use this extension, you can turn it off by removing the relevant line from the .hgrc file that configure-hgrc generates. If you're not on a Mac, configure-hgrc will not include the line that enables hgkeychain, so you don't need to worry about it.

## How to install it

Well… you don't, really. It will work just fine where it is.

This, of course, means that you don't need to *un*install it, either.

## How to use it

0. Install Mercurial, if it isn't already installed.
1. Run configure-hgrc.
2. Enter each bit of information the program asks for.

.hgrc files are plain text, so you can edit the file at any time. The format documentaton is at:

If you already have a .hgrc file, configure-hgrc will ask you whether you want to overwrite it. If not, you should rename it before running configure-hgrc, then transfer anything you want to keep over to the new .hgrc file.

## What it does

As of version 1.0, configure-hgrc does the following things:

- Sets your commit name to your real name (as entered by you at its prompt)
- Fills in the From header for patchbomb emails (from a prompt)
- Fills in the host, username, and password for SMTP operations (from prompts)
- Turns on compression for SSH operations
- Turns on TLS for SMTP operations
- Adds a “blame” command, similar to svn blame
- Adds a “rec” alias for “record”
- Adds a command “sbsdiff” that uses GNU diff's side-by-side format
- Turns on git-style diffs
- Turns on the alias extension
- Turns on the convert extension
- Turns on the extdiff extension
- Turns on the patchbomb extension
- Sets patchbomb to use SMTP
- Turns on the record extension
- Turns on the hgkeychain extension

## How to undo its effect

The only thing configure-hgrc does is create ~/.hgrc, so if you'd like to revert your system to how it was before you ran configure-hgrc, just delete that file.

## Copyright

This program is copyright 2008 Peter Hosey. I provide it under a BSD license, which you should have received alongside the program and this ReadMe.

## Webpage