template_clone / README.markdown

clone - creates files based on templates that live in ~/.clone_templates

Examples: $ clone new .hgrc #<-- create a new template called .hgrc. It will open this in $EDITOR $ clone edit .hgrc # <-- edits the template .hgrc $ clone clone .hgrc .hgrc_here #<-- clones the template .hgrc to the file, in the current directory, name .hgrc_here $ clone clone .hgrc ~/Temp/hgrc_here #<-- clones .hgrc to ~/Temp/hgrc_here


I need to create the same files over and over again on the command line. For example, .hgignore files, .gitignore files for Rails, README.markdown files for new projects I create etc.

There are some solution in the GUI space for this, but nothing that I found on the command line.

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