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This repository contains utility scripts written by Wilcox Development Solutions over the past almost 7 years.

Some of these scripts have been written by me (rwilcox), some by Jared Barden, some by others. Some scripts are Very Useful still, some are written to address things like bugs in the OS X 10.2 Finder (yes, 10.2). Some of it was very early code and we've learnt a LOT since then. Some of it has been supplanted by better tech from the open source community.

But the point is, it's there.

NOTE: Like always, use this software at your own risk. Please be kind and point back to this site if you use this code. The source files list not specific license, so consider it public domain software.


The "who made this change" part of the history is FUBAR. And our commenting convention probably needs clarified too. So here's the key:

Change AuthorLeaves Comment Notes AsInfo
aiasWD-rpwRyan Wilcox/rwilcox on bitbucket/twitter (NOT
jbardenWD-jdbJared Barden/jediwebgeek on twitter