Randy Stauner committed 0a81d43

Always forward at least one port to the vagrant vm

so that we can use one without needing to reload.

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   # Overwrite default ssh port. :forwarded_port, {
     :guest        => 22,
-    :host         => 3199,
+    :host         => 3200,
     :host_ip      => '',
     :id           => 'ssh',
     :auto_correct => true,
   # Confirm that using alternate port range works.
-  config.vm.usable_port_range = (3200 .. 3250)
+  config.vm.usable_port_range = (3200 .. 3300)
+  # Always forward at least one port (so you can use one without restarting)..
+  # NOTE: This can cause a suspended vm to not resume when a port conflict
+  # is detected.  Resuming the vm in the vbox gui and shutting down fixes it.
+  # I think I've only had to do this once for any given suspended vm, but if
+  # it happens more often we could try saving the list of used ports somewhere.
+ :forwarded_port, {
+    :guest        => 3201,
+    :host         => 3201,
+    :id           => 'vagrant_rc',
+    :auto_correct => true,
+  }
   # Bridge a network connection without prompting for which NIC: :public_network, :bridge => 'wlan0'
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