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Add another log command to see what's different

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 # show new commits after last fetch
 $gc              $'log ORIG_HEAD.. --stat --no-merges'
 $gc alias.log-fetched     $'log ..FETCH_HEAD --stat --no-merges'
+# this should probably be log-remote and figure out the tracking remote
+$gc alias.log-origin      $'log ..origin --stat --no-merges'
 $gc alias.logstat         $'log --stat'
-$gc alias.logst           $'log --stat'
+$gc alias.logst           $'log --stat --no-merges'
 $gc alias.log-since-tag   $'!_() { tag=`git last-tag`; revs=$tag..HEAD; git log $* $revs; echo "\n=== $revs ===\n"; git tag-summary $tag; }; _'