Randy Stauner  committed 9a2f18c

Symlink vagrant exe into bin instead of using PATH

Since there's only one executable put one less dir in $PATH.

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File home/.bashrc

 # build $PATH
 # add_to_path /opt/*/bin
-add_to_path /opt/vagrant/bin
 add_to_path {,~}/opt/imagemagick/bin
 add_to_path $HOME/bin/contrib $HOME/bin

File scripts/

 function ensure_line () {
   line="$1" file="$2"
   grep -qFx "$line" "$file" || echo "$line" >> "$file"
 ensure_line "$(cat ~/run_control/vagrant/loader.rb)" ~/.vagrant.d/Vagrantfile
+# TODO: /opt/vagrant/bin/* ?
+# At that point it's probably better to just put it back in $PATH.
+for script in vagrant; do
+  ln -sf /opt/vagrant/bin/$script $bin/$script
+# TODO: test -e $bin/packer || unzip