Randy Stauner committed d65b29d

Remove imagemagick (last /opt) from PATH

I didn't need it for anything and it was throwing errors.
This keeps the PATH shorter.

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File home/.bashrc

 [[ -n "$PS1" ]] && [[ "${TERM:-dumb}" != "dumb" ]] && TERM_IS_INTERACTIVE=true
-# build $PATH
-# add_to_path /opt/*/bin
-add_to_path {,~}/opt/imagemagick/bin
+# Build $PATH.
+# Instead of adding /opt/*/bin to $PATH
+# consider symlinking those scripts into ~/bin/contrib
+# to keep the $PATH shorter so less searching is required.
 add_to_path $HOME/bin/contrib $HOME/bin
 # load the rest