atlassian-connect-express-hipchat: Node.js module for Express based HipChat Connect Add-ons

Atlassian-Connect-Express-hipchat (ACE) is a NPM module to help developers build HipChat add-ons using HipChat Connect. Building a HipChat add-on with ACE is relatively simple, as it generates most of the plumbing for you, using Node.js and Express as the add-on server.

Express by itself is a web app framework for Node. atlassian-connect-express-hipchat just provides a library of middleware and convenience helpers that make it easier to build HipChat add-ons.


The following tutorial explains what you need to do to build a HipChat Connect add-on using ACE: Getting started with atlassian-connect-express

Getting Help or Support

You can get help by emailing or report bugs. If you want to learn more about HipChat Connect, you can visit


Even though this is just an exploratory project at this point, it's also open source Apache 2.0. So, please feel free to fork and send us pull requests.