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 This plugin was created using [Firebreath](http://firebreath.org), a cross-platform, cross-browser API for writing NPAPI plugins. This means you will need to use Firebreath to build it. The following build instructions are based on the [FireBreath docs](http://www.firebreath.org/display/documentation/FireBreath+Home). I've just tried to condense them. If you get stuck or lost, go check out the [FireBreath build instructions](http://www.firebreath.org/display/documentation/Building+FireBreath+Plugins).
 * All platforms require [CMake version 2.8](http://www.cmake.org/cmake/resources/software.html)
 * On Mac OS X, you will need Xcode. It's a free download and can be installed via the App store.
 * On Windows, Visual Studio 2005 or later. Note, it appears to be possible to build using the [free version of Visual Studio](http://www.firebreath.org/display/documentation/Building+with+Visual+Studio+Express) although I haven't tried this since I have the full version. 
 * On Linux, gcc, make, libgtk2.0-dev and git
 1. [Download firebreath](http://www.firebreath.org/display/documentation/Download) and unzip it into it's own directory. Firebreath 1.6 is known to work.
 2. Clone this project into it's own directory (i.e. 'git clone https://ryanackley@bitbucket.org/ryanackley/npapi-chrome-file-api.git') 
 3. Create an output directory for the firebreath build scripts. Mine is named 'fbbuild'. You can name yours whatever you want.