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 This plugin was created using [Firebreath](, a cross-platform, cross-browser API for writing NPAPI plugins. This means you will need to use Firebreath to build it. The following build instructions are based on the [FireBreath docs]( I've just tried to condense them. If you get stuck or lost, go check out the [FireBreath build instructions](
 * All platforms require [CMake version 2.8](
 * On Mac OS X, you will need Xcode. It's a free download and can be installed via the App store.
 * On Windows, Visual Studio 2005 or later. Note, it appears to be possible to build using the [free version of Visual Studio]( although I haven't tried this since I have the full version. 
 * On Linux, gcc, make, libgtk2.0-dev and git
 1. [Download firebreath]( and unzip it into it's own directory. Firebreath 1.6 is known to work.
 2. Clone this project into it's own directory (i.e. 'git clone') 
 3. Create an output directory for the firebreath build scripts. Mine is named 'fbbuild'. You can name yours whatever you want.