Fails on Chrome 25.0.1364.172 entirely

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Anonymous created an issue

No icon in Developer Tools, and no functionality. No indication of what's wrong in extensions' Console.

Tincr 1.3

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  1. Oliver Schupp

    same for me (os x 10.7.5 / chrome 25.0.1364.172). i managed to install the unpacked extension which made the icon appear in the dev panel. but still didnt autosave my css. irritating was also that it said to be version 1.1.

  2. alexmwalker

    Hey Ryan, same issue for two of us here. No functionailty, no Tincr panel visible.

    OS-X Lion: Chrome Version 26.0.1410.43

    Seems to be an issue with NSAPI, but it's getting to the edge of my console poking-around abilities.

  3. Oliver Schupp

    tincr works now fine. i have no clue if it is related to chrome's update (version is now 26.0.1410.65) or me unchecking "show toolbar icons" at dev tools' settings. great work, ryan.

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