Hash mark unhinge the file path

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Balazs Nadasdi
created an issue

When I use javascript on my site and of course I use # (hash mark) to handle different contents then tincr tries to load files with hash parameters.


http://clockwork.dev/ mapped to: /Users/yitsushi/Development/Folyam.info/projects/LaMuse/

When I load index.html then tincr maps to index.html and it is correct.


When I load http://clockwork.dev/index.html#/dialer

tincr tries to load /Users/yitsushi/Development/Folyam.info/projects/LaMuse/index.html#/dialer

but it fails because

"Can't open and read file at path /Users/yitsushi/Development/Folyam.info/projects/LaMuse/index.html#/dialer"

When I call it without hash mark:

URL: /index.html
File Path: /Users/yitsushi/Development/Folyam.info/projects/LaMuse/index.html

When I call with hash mark:

URL: /index.html#/dialer
File Path: None

I know I can set file path, but for each possible hash-value?

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