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Francisco Lourenço
created an issue

Since this is public and it is under git, why not move this to github? It would receive more attention and pull requests.

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  1. Ryan Ackley repo owner

    Maybe my next project :) I'm curious, why do you think it matters that much?

    In my experience, people don't invest their time in something just because of where it happens to be hosted. I could be missing something.

  2. Francisco Lourenço reporter

    Because of the popularity and the culture around it, contributing on github gained a cool status. Besides that, hiring companies accept and often ask for github profiles, so contributors can justify the time spent writing code for another project with having a better looking github profile. It's a lot to due with getting recognition for your work and gaining visibility.

    Of course there are other reasons why people contribute with code, but these are extras. I know I would probably be tempted to include a new feature in tincr instead of creating a new extension from scratch.

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