Big red button missing

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Josef Kufner
created an issue

Hello, I really miss big red button, which toggles Tincr on and off.

Once Tincr is configured for some website, a big red button should appear in address bar. Then you can close dev tools and keep Tincr enabled (detach & minimize is annoying). Or you can modify CSS in inspector without saving any changes.

This is more of user experience than missing feature. The big red button will also act as a decent warning, that Tincr is enabled.

The big red button does not have to be red, just use Tincr icon. When Tincr is not configured, keep it hidden. When Tincr is disabled, make it visible but grey. When Tincr is working, make it visible and in color.

There should be also a checkbox "Enable" on top of the Dev tools panel (next to heading "Configuration"), which does the same as the big red button in the address bar. Just for a consistency.

Thank you!

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