#3 Merged
jantimon jantimon
ryanackley ryanackley

Fixes issue #27

  1. Jan Nicklas avatarJan Nicklas

Fixes issue #27 - Browse button not working - Cannot read property 'id' of undefined TypeError

onRequest is deprecated and was replaced by onMessage

The tabId is now part of the message as the tab is optional and won't be omitted anymore.

Comments (1)

  1. etienne m

    Thanks so much Jan Nicklas. You have no idea how happy i am that i can finally work again using Tincr. It was so frustrating to wait for someone to fix the issue with the Browse Button all this time. I have downloaded the master, extracted it, replaced backgroundMsgSupport.js and background.js and used Google Chrome - Extensions - Developer Mode - Load Unpacked extension and i can work with Tincr again :)

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