A simple jQuery plugin that allows turns a basic file field into one that uploads in place.

Requires the doTimeout plugin: http://benalman.com/projects/jquery-dotimeout-plugin/ and of course jQuery (only tested with 1.4.2)

Copyright (c) 2010 Ryan Faerman

If this helps you, it'd be cool if you let me know.

Licensed under the MIT license.


Basic Usage

	action: 'save.html', 
	success: function(){
		$('#debug').html('Houston, we have liftoff.');


  • action: where to submit the field, defaults to "submit.php"
  • status: the ID of the status div, defaults to "status"
  • method: submission method, defaults to "post"
  • pollTime: how often to check for the completed upload, defaults to 500
  • success: callback invoked upon completed upload
  • onchange: should the file upload right after file selection? defaults to "true"


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