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added licensing information

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forrst fire.safariextension/Info.plist

-	<string>1.2.1</string>
+	<string>1.2.2</string>
-	<string>1.2.1</string>
+	<string>1.2.2</string>

forrst fire.safariextension/fire.js

+*   Forrst Fire is created by Kenneth Love ( and
+*   distributed under a Creative Common By-No-SA license
+*   (
+*   The name Forrst and the Forrst tree icon are the property of and
+*   its owners.
+*   The fire in the icon is from the Fugue set (
+*   and is owned by its creator.
 $(function() {
         speed: 'fast',

Binary file modified.

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