Features and timeline

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Features and timeline

Cong Zheng 2011.5.28

In the following draft, I just give a brief features list and timeline. Some timeline is temporary and from now I’m just focused on the basic features, which should be finished before the medium evaluation. Since I have some exams in the end of June, I should make an effort to finish more features before the exams.

1 Build the framework UI

In the first stage, we just build a basic framework with less consideration about the art designing. In this step, we should finish the features: open apk file, show methods/strings/classes list, and search.

Time: 5.29 - 6.3

2 Graph component

(1) CFG layout

This is mainly about showing the CFG in the main window. Another feature about zooming in/out also should be finished.

Time: 6.4 - 8

(2) User interaction

This is to handle the user’s interactions for renaming and annotations.

Time: 6.9 - 15

(3) graph highlighting

Time: 6.16 - 6.18

(In the period from 6.19 to 7.1, I have some exams to prepare.)

3 Smali component

(1) switch between smali code and graph

Time: 7.1 -7.5

(2) code synax highlighting, annotations, renaming

Time: 7.6 – 7.10

4. Medium evaluation:

Time: 7.11-7.15

5. Searching modules develop

Time: undetermined

6. Advanced art design

Time: undetermined

7. Other features

Time: undetermined

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