APKinspector / androguard / classification / libsimilarity / sources / lzma / CPP / 7zip / Archive / 7z / 7zCompressionMode.h

The default branch has multiple heads

// 7zCompressionMode.h


#include "../../../Common/MyString.h"

#include "../../../Windows/PropVariant.h"

#include "../../Common/MethodProps.h"

namespace NArchive {
namespace N7z {

struct CMethodFull: public CMethod
  UInt32 NumInStreams;
  UInt32 NumOutStreams;
  bool IsSimpleCoder() const { return (NumInStreams == 1) && (NumOutStreams == 1); }

struct CBind
  UInt32 InCoder;
  UInt32 InStream;
  UInt32 OutCoder;
  UInt32 OutStream;

struct CCompressionMethodMode
  CObjectVector<CMethodFull> Methods;
  CRecordVector<CBind> Binds;
  #ifndef _7ZIP_ST
  UInt32 NumThreads;
  bool PasswordIsDefined;
  UString Password;

  bool IsEmpty() const { return (Methods.IsEmpty() && !PasswordIsDefined); }
  CCompressionMethodMode(): PasswordIsDefined(false)
      #ifndef _7ZIP_ST
      , NumThreads(1)


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