APKinspector / androguard / classification / libsimilarity / sources / lzma / CPP / 7zip / UI / Common / WorkDir.cpp

The default branch has multiple heads

// WorkDir.cpp

#include "StdAfx.h"

#include "Common/StringConvert.h"
#include "Common/Wildcard.h"

#include "Windows/FileDir.h"
#include "Windows/FileName.h"

#include "WorkDir.h"

using namespace NWindows;
using namespace NFile;

UString GetWorkDir(const NWorkDir::CInfo &workDirInfo, const UString &path)
  NWorkDir::NMode::EEnum mode = workDirInfo.Mode;
  #ifndef UNDER_CE
  if (workDirInfo.ForRemovableOnly)
    mode = NWorkDir::NMode::kCurrent;
    UString prefix = path.Left(3);
    if (prefix[1] == L':' && prefix[2] == L'\\')
      UINT driveType = GetDriveType(GetSystemString(prefix, ::AreFileApisANSI() ? CP_ACP : CP_OEMCP));
      if (driveType == DRIVE_CDROM || driveType == DRIVE_REMOVABLE)
        mode = workDirInfo.Mode;
    CParsedPath parsedPath;
    UINT driveType = GetDriveType(parsedPath.Prefix);
    if ((driveType != DRIVE_CDROM) && (driveType != DRIVE_REMOVABLE))
      mode = NZipSettings::NWorkDir::NMode::kCurrent;
    case NWorkDir::NMode::kCurrent:
      return ExtractDirPrefixFromPath(path);
    case NWorkDir::NMode::kSpecified:
      UString tempDir = workDirInfo.Path;
      return tempDir;
      UString tempDir;
      if (!NDirectory::MyGetTempPath(tempDir))
        throw 141717;
      return tempDir;
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