APKinspector / androguard / classification / libsimilarity / sources / xz-5.0.2 / src / liblzma / common / filter_common.h

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/// \file       filter_common.c
/// \brief      Filter-specific stuff common for both encoder and decoder
//  Author:     Lasse Collin
//  This file has been put into the public domain.
//  You can do whatever you want with this file.


#include "common.h"

/// Both lzma_filter_encoder and lzma_filter_decoder begin with these members.
typedef struct {
	/// Filter ID
	lzma_vli id;

	/// Initializes the filter encoder and calls lzma_next_filter_init()
	/// for filters + 1.
	lzma_init_function init;

	/// Calculates memory usage of the encoder. If the options are
	/// invalid, UINT64_MAX is returned.
	uint64_t (*memusage)(const void *options);

} lzma_filter_coder;

typedef const lzma_filter_coder *(*lzma_filter_find)(lzma_vli id);

extern lzma_ret lzma_raw_coder_init(
		lzma_next_coder *next, lzma_allocator *allocator,
		const lzma_filter *filters,
		lzma_filter_find coder_find, bool is_encoder);

extern uint64_t lzma_raw_coder_memusage(lzma_filter_find coder_find,
		const lzma_filter *filters);