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/// \file       message.h
/// \brief      Printing messages to stderr
//  Author:     Lasse Collin
//  This file has been put into the public domain.
//  You can do whatever you want with this file.

/// Verbosity levels
enum message_verbosity {
	V_SILENT,   ///< No messages
	V_ERROR,    ///< Only error messages
	V_WARNING,  ///< Errors and warnings
	V_VERBOSE,  ///< Errors, warnings, and verbose statistics
	V_DEBUG,    ///< Very verbose

/// \brief      Signals used for progress message handling
extern const int message_progress_sigs[];

/// \brief      Initializes the message functions
/// If an error occurs, this function doesn't return.
extern void message_init(void);

/// Increase verbosity level by one step unless it was at maximum.
extern void message_verbosity_increase(void);

/// Decrease verbosity level by one step unless it was at minimum.
extern void message_verbosity_decrease(void);

/// Get the current verbosity level.
extern enum message_verbosity message_verbosity_get(void);

/// \brief      Print a message if verbosity level is at least "verbosity"
/// This doesn't touch the exit status.
extern void message(enum message_verbosity verbosity, const char *fmt, ...)
		lzma_attribute((format(printf, 2, 3)));

/// \brief      Prints a warning and possibly sets exit status
/// The message is printed only if verbosity level is at least V_WARNING.
/// The exit status is set to WARNING unless it was already at ERROR.
extern void message_warning(const char *fmt, ...)
		lzma_attribute((format(printf, 1, 2)));

/// \brief      Prints an error message and sets exit status
/// The message is printed only if verbosity level is at least V_ERROR.
/// The exit status is set to ERROR.
extern void message_error(const char *fmt, ...)
		lzma_attribute((format(printf, 1, 2)));

/// \brief      Prints an error message and exits with EXIT_ERROR
/// The message is printed only if verbosity level is at least V_ERROR.
extern void message_fatal(const char *fmt, ...)
		lzma_attribute((format(printf, 1, 2)))

/// Print an error message that an internal error occurred and exit with
extern void message_bug(void) lzma_attribute((noreturn));

/// Print a message that establishing signal handlers failed, and exit with
/// exit status ERROR.
extern void message_signal_handler(void) lzma_attribute((noreturn));

/// Convert lzma_ret to a string.
extern const char *message_strm(lzma_ret code);

/// Display how much memory was needed and how much the limit was.
extern void message_mem_needed(enum message_verbosity v, uint64_t memusage);

/// Buffer size for message_filters_to_str()
#define FILTERS_STR_SIZE 512

/// \brief      Get the filter chain as a string
/// \param      buf         Pointer to caller allocated buffer to hold
///                         the filter chain string
/// \param      filters     Pointer to the filter chain
/// \param      all_known   If true, all filter options are printed.
///                         If false, only the options that get stored
///                         into .xz headers are printed.
extern void message_filters_to_str(char buf[FILTERS_STR_SIZE],
		const lzma_filter *filters, bool all_known);

/// Print the filter chain.
extern void message_filters_show(
		enum message_verbosity v, const lzma_filter *filters);

/// Print a message that user should try --help.
extern void message_try_help(void);

/// Prints the version number to stdout and exits with exit status SUCCESS.
extern void message_version(void) lzma_attribute((noreturn));

/// Print the help message.
extern void message_help(bool long_help) lzma_attribute((noreturn));

/// \brief      Set the total number of files to be processed
/// Standard input is counted as a file here. This is used when printing
/// the filename via message_filename().
extern void message_set_files(unsigned int files);

/// \brief      Set the name of the current file and possibly print it too
/// The name is printed immediately if --list was used or if --verbose
/// was used and stderr is a terminal. Even when the filename isn't printed,
/// it is stored so that it can be printed later if needed for progress
/// messages.
extern void message_filename(const char *src_name);

/// \brief      Start progress info handling
/// message_filename() must be called before this function to set
/// the filename.
/// This must be paired with a call to message_progress_end() before the
/// given *strm becomes invalid.
/// \param      strm      Pointer to lzma_stream used for the coding.
/// \param      in_size   Size of the input file, or zero if unknown.
extern void message_progress_start(lzma_stream *strm, uint64_t in_size);

/// Update the progress info if in verbose mode and enough time has passed
/// since the previous update. This can be called only when
/// message_progress_start() has already been used.
extern void message_progress_update(void);

/// \brief      Finishes the progress message if we were in verbose mode
/// \param      finished    True if the whole stream was successfully coded
///                         and output written to the output stream.
extern void message_progress_end(bool finished);