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/// \file       suffix.h
/// \brief      Checks filename suffix and creates the destination filename
//  Author:     Lasse Collin
//  This file has been put into the public domain.
//  You can do whatever you want with this file.

/// \brief      Get the name of the destination file
/// Depending on the global variable opt_mode, this tries to find a matching
/// counterpart for src_name. If the name can be constructed, it is allocated
/// and returned (caller must free it). On error, a message is printed and
/// NULL is returned.
extern char *suffix_get_dest_name(const char *src_name);

/// \brief      Set a custom filename suffix
/// This function calls xstrdup() for the given suffix, thus the caller
/// doesn't need to keep the memory allocated. There can be only one custom
/// suffix, thus if this is called multiple times, the old suffixes are freed
/// and forgotten.
extern void suffix_set(const char *suffix);