APKinspector / androguard / specs / dalvik / opcodes / opcode-2a-goto-32.html

The default branch has multiple heads

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Unconditionally jump to the indicated instruction.


<table class="instruc">
  <th>Op &amp; Format</th>
  <th>Mnemonic / Syntax</th>
  <td>2a 30t</td>
  <td>goto/32 +AAAAAAAA</td>
  <td><code>A:</code> signed branch offset (32 bits)<br/></td>


    A must point to a valid bytecode instruction inside the current method.


    The (otherwise invisible) program counter PC is set to the address of the
    instruction plus the given offset, that is, PC' = PC(goto) + A.
    Executions resumes at PC'.



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