Wind Tree VP not working correcly under Direct3D

Issue #160 resolved
Jan Boon created an issue

The Wind Tree vertex program is not taking into account the vertex weights (vertex buffer channel PrimaryColor), causing the entire trees to dance.

Issue does not occur in the old official Ryzom build.

Issue does not occur with the OpenGL driver.

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  1. Cédric Ochs

    Thanks a lot, I didn't remember this issue, 2 people reported it yesterday so I thought it was a new bug :p And they didn't precise if they were using D3D driver.

  2. Cédric Ochs

    Last one was :

    Windows 10 x64 Core i5 6600 Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 Driver Intel : (12/08/2016)

    Another one : OpenGL 2.1.0 - Build / Intel / Intel(R) G45/G43 Express Chipset

    Apparently almost users with this issue are using integrated chipsets :(

  3. Jan Boon reporter

    Makes sense, so the issue would be that the wind weight channel is getting affected by the lighting normalization.

  4. Guillaume DUPUY

    Tested on my windows laptop, tree doesn't dance anymore, and my rapid tests haven't showed any issue :)

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