Ryzom_client development build crashes on startup

Issue #307 wontfix
Alistair Leslie-Hughes created an issue

When using a self compiled version of the ryzom client, it crashes on startup (when the world is first displayed).

Please find attached a patch that fixes to the problem.

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  1. Guillaume DUPUY

    Yeah, last version client is currently only compatible with last version of server, not live version of server (because database was altered to add unique item ID), this is expected (and live server will be patched anytime soon). Also client still crashes with patch (on last develop or compatibility-develop), are you sure of it ?

    If you want to compile a client for live server, last working commit is https://bitbucket.org/ryzom/ryzomcore/commits/d7e06586e2a21dddea97af1024e6324020f06c70

  2. Alistair Leslie-Hughes reporter

    Yes, I'm sure that it stops the crash for me. It doesn't mean that when you login with your character it's travel down a different code path. My character is only new, hasn't done anything, no quests, nothing.

  3. Meelis Mägi

    Crash happens because client-server netcode is changed.

    Client with newer netcode, reads too many bits from stream, overshots right location for slot index value and read in garbage. It probably crashes while reading in inventory slot 1.

    Normally, client-server will compare database.xml and msg.xml checksums on handshake and display warning, but you probably only updated binaries, so client-server have same copy.

    While its not nice to crash on null-pointer error, its better than continuing in this situation.

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