You can't autoupdate Mafuyu to v1.2 from older. See how to update.

What's this?

Mafuyu is the Safari extension that adds keyboard shortcuts to Google results pages.



In Google's results page:

1-9, 0open the nth result
control + 1-9, 0open the nth result in a new tab
ngo to next page
pgo to previous page
ifocus to the search field
escblur the focus of the search field

Available at:

  • google.com
  • google.co.in
  • google.com.hk
  • google.de
  • google.co.uk
  • google.fr
  • google.co.jp
  • google.com.br
  • google.it
  • google.es
  • google.ch


You can download the latest version of Mafuyu at download page.



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