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Cherrypy Webapp Skeleton

An exemplary web-application implemented with CherryPy as backend and Qooxdoo as frontend.


Basically this is a how-to project. Coming from other languages like PHP where usual deployment is as easy as copying files via FTP or exporting from VCS, with slight amount of web-server configuration, Python web-application development practice of maintaining stand-alone daemon per application may be complicated or even painful as it requires some overall knowledge of Linux and its init-script system particularly. Such knowledge gap could be a showstopper for acquainting such a great language Python is. So project’s goal is to fill this gap.


The main requirement is Debian Squeeze as backend requires Python 2.6+ which Squeeze has built-in, and project’s scripts and folders follow Debian conventions.


Here is the deployment tutorial wiki page.


If you already know all the basics, the tutorial may be unnecessary.

  • Backend code. CherryPy part, code and structure example.
  • Frontend code. Qooxdoo part, code and structure example.
  • System stuff. Here is extended cherryd for daemon privilege drop, init script, configs for nginx, monitlogrotate, et cetera.

If your interest lies in more traditional website development, you may find qooxdoo-website-skeleton useful.