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Qooxdoo Website Skeleton

An exemplary web-site implementation with CherryPy as backend and Qooxdoo as frontend, which can play a skeleton role.


It is to demonstrate the use of an Qooxdoo native application for website frontend development. The targeted areas are: code structure, dependency management, and deployment. Besides it is to propose backend application structure and template arrangement.


Frontend: Qooxdoo 3.5.1+, Python 2. Backend: Python 2/3.


If the website is ready and you would like know how to deploy it on Debain, take a look into cherrypy-webapp-skeleton.


If you have a question about developing on top of the skeleton I suggest to post it on StackOverflow. For frontend-specific ones, tag it with qooxdoo, native and website. For backend questions it may be tagged both cherrypy and jinja2, one of them or even other tags representing your question. Just be precise with tags so proper people can find it.