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 To play google movies, we need the `google-chrome` package and the
 `hal` package from the AUR.
+To play netflix movies, you'll need `google-chrome-beta` and
+`google-chrome-extension-moonlight`, but to make it work, comment
+everything that has something to do with `external_extensions.patch`
+in the PKGBUILD and in the install script, then copy:
+then add the following lines under the `docs.crx` block:
+       "ldjmcjaammmjjilbjpacphekcgfnmdlk" : {
+         "external_crx": "novell-moonlight-x86_64.crx",
+         "external_version": ""
+       }
+If there's another app under `docs.crx`, remember to add the comma in
+the closing bracket `}` of the code above.
+But still, it doesn't work... because NPAPI plugins not supported (?)
+Tried to install `netflix-destkop`, to this point, everything is ok,
+but I haven't make it run yet, there are missing things for wine, but
+`netflix-gecko` said this:
+    It is vitally important that you install the correct OpenGL drivers for your system!
+    All available OpenGL drivers are added as optional dependencies to this package.
+    Optional dependencies for netflix-desktop
+        lib32-ati-dri: for open source ATI driver users
+        lib32-catalyst-utils: for AMD Catalyst users
+        lib32-intel-dri: for open source Intel driver users [installed]
+        lib32-nouveau-dri: for Nouveau users
+        lib32-nvidia-utils-bumblebee: for NVIDIA + Bumblebee users
+        lib32-nvidia-utils: for NVIDIA proprietary blob users
+        xorg-xset: for screensaver/DPMS toggling [installed]