Crossword Generator

This is a crossword generator created at the Python Northwest code dojo on 15th November 2011 by Jonathan S, Daley C and Safe H.  We didn't quite finish it at the time but the implementation has been worked on further to show what we intended to do!

See the following tags:

* dojo -- this is how far we got at the dojo
* 1.0 -- this is what we intended to do!

The crossword generator will use nltk (Natural Language Toolkit) if available to generate definitions for words.  Visit for instructions on downloading and installing nltk.  Once nltk is installed, ensure wordnet is installed by running:

  >>> import nltk

If nltk is unavailable, the crossword generator will attempt to pull definitions from Wordnet online (this can be slow).

The current version also requires a dictionary file to be available at ``/etc/dictionaries-common/words``.

To start
* Run ``python`` to see three words randomly generated and placed into the crossword, and definitions sought for each word.  This is the algorithm developed at the dojo.
* A further algorithm as been developed whereby words are randomly generated and placed into the crossword to fill even numbered rows and columns. Run ``python``