Juha Kuitunen avatarJuha Kuitunen created an issue

I think we should create new Activity for preferences. So far I have 2 things in mind which should be included there

  1. Adjust number of displayed changesets, see Issue #40
  2. Override language settings. Someone might want to use this app in e.g. English instead of his native language.

I've found an example of supporting PreferenceFragment on API Level 11+ and classic preferences on older versions of Android. See

For overriding language we can try this

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  1. Juha Kuitunen

    Tobias Duehr

    What do you think if I change

    settings = getSharedPreferences("bitbeaker", 0);

    in to

    settings = PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(this);

    This would make it easier to handle settings in separate Activity. It seems that only preferences file name is changing from bitbeaker to com.saibotd.bitbeaker_preferences


    Alternative is to add this

    PreferenceManager prefMgr = getPreferenceManager();

    to onCreate of SettingsActivity but it uses deprecated code.

  2. Ville Saalo

    I guess the new preferences activity could also be used to select a default view for when you open the app: whether to go to a certain repository, to the list of your own repositories, or perhaps to a searching mode. And if you choose some default repository, you could also choose which view to have as the default one there: newest changesets or issues. This isn't a request though, just some ideas. ;)

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