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What's qndedit ?

qndedit stands for "Quick And Dirty Editor". qndedit features 2 modes: command and edit in the edit mode you are able to enter and edit text, in the command-mode you can save, open, delete* and move files.

qndedit has no buttons, menus, etc. - if you're stuck, best press <esc> and afterwards <h> for some help.

*qndedit will never delete files, everything is backed up into a folder called 'qnd-trash'


Give qndedit a try!

Note: save, delete, etc is disabled for the demo, the password is pass.


Edit some file!

Edit a file

Browse some files!


Save some file!

Save new file


Simple: open 'qndedit.php' and change the password, then put it into the directory of your webserver with the files you want to edit, see if those files are writable to php, done.


In command-mode

  • ins : enter edit-mode
  • o : open file
  • n : new file
  • s : save file
  • d : insert date at cursor position
  • t : replaces tabs with 2 spaces
  • h : display help

In edit-mode

  • esc : enter command-mode
  • ctrl+s : save

In file open dialog

  • esc : close dialog and enter command-mode
  • up/down : select file/directory
  • return : open file/directory
  • backspace : navigate back
  • del : move file to trash folder
  • r : rename (move) file