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make deb target

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 UIS = guicomponents/ \ %_qt.ui
 	pyuic4 $< | sed s/'import resources_rc'/'import vplayer.resources_rc'/ > $@
 %.qm: %.ts
 	lrelease $< -qm $@
 	rm guicomponents/*.pyc
 	rm -rf build
 	rm -rf dist
+deb: all
+	python bdist
+	mkdir -p deb
+	tar xv -C deb -f dist/vplayer-$(VERSION).linux-i686.tar.gz
+	mkdir -p deb/usr/bin
+	mkdir -p deb/usr/share/pixmaps
+	mkdir -p deb/usr/share/applications
+	cp vplayer deb/usr/bin/vplayer
+	cp icon.svg icon.xpm icon.png deb/usr/share/pixmaps/
+	cp vplayer.desktop deb/usr/share/applications/
+	chmod 755 deb/usr/bin/vplayer
+	chmod 644 deb/usr/share/pixmaps/* deb/usr/share/applications/*
+	mkdir -p deb/DEBIAN
+	cp control deb/DEBIAN/
+	dpkg -b deb vplayer-$(VERSION).deb
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