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Notalon :: Note-taking, simplified.

Where do I ask for help and submit feedback?

Email Saketh (saketh.bhamidipati@gmail.com) with any questions or comments.

How do I run Notalon?


Use the EXE installer at http://notalon.org.

Currently, only a Win32 installer is provided -- if someone who has a Win64 machine can help compile Win64 installers using NSIS (http://nsis.sourceforge.net) and the included installer script (notalon.nsi), then we would have an installer for Win64 as well (email Saketh if you can do this).

Mac OS X

Use the Universal DMG image at http://notalon.org.


Currently, Notalon runs from source in a local directory on Linux without issues. Dependencies:

There are still some loose ends with running python setup.py install on Linux, so it's best to run from a local directory.

If you're interested in helping to develop a DEB package for Ubuntu users, contact Saketh.